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Maybe. As Bachelor fanatics may recall, Nick has been in this position before. He was in love with Kaitlyn and Andi and got dumped both times. Its totally possible that he will go down on one knee, stick out his final rose, and get turned down. Again. Three-peat! The only way to find out is to watch. Please please don't use historic as your drinking game tonight #TheBachelorFinale Chris Harrison (@chrisbharrison) March 14, 2017 Heres what happened on The Bachelor finale: Raven Meets the Parents: Nicks parents were shipped to Finland to meet their sons two girlfriends, which is a super normal thing to do. Raven has already met Nicks entire family (remember when he took her on a hot date in Wisconsin to his kid sisters soccer game?) so she rolls into their fur-lined cabin in Finland like its a family reunion and she has the Jello salad. They all greet her with big smiles and hugs.

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