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The Chancellor’s Budget rightly went after a group who have been getting away with financial murder: Reuters Others work full-time as de facto employees with one firm and no other lines of income, but pretend to be freelancers. These are, to be blunt, frauds. What is really infuriating is that these scammers will happily use the tax and NI advantages of self-employed status, but when times get tough and a company wishes to dispense with their so-called freelance/self-employed services they will promptly turn around and claim that they are, surprise, surprise, employees or workers (an EU version of watered-down employee status) after all. That way they can sue for unfair dismissal, redundancy pay, holiday unpaid, and anything else that springs into the fertile mind of an employment lawyer on the make. Did you know, in fact, that you can be self-employed so far as the tax authorities are concerned, ie under tax law, but still an employee under employment law? How can companies cope with that? Theres a lot of this double-dealing about, otherwise known as enjoying the best of both worlds public services paid for on the cheap and reserving the right to skin an employer who willingly went along with your little scheme. So far from moral virtue, many of the so-called self-employed are morally bankrupt. They would be financially bankrupt too if they paid the tax and National Insurance they ought to.

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. We already have the mens shelter over here, one resident pleaded. The locals worry about safety and resent the citys lack of transparency and insufficient notice about the plan. City Councilmember Robert Cornegy (D), who represents the area, says the facility could lower the market value of homes there. The locals may launch a petition drive and a court challenge. And though its not clear how this will end, recall how Maspeth residents blocked a shelter there. De Blasio, who hopes to open 20 facilities this year alone, knows hell meet resistance: A lot of people are going to say, wait, we dont want anything like that in our neighborhood, he said when he rolled out the plan last week. Guess what? Everyone needs to take on their fair share. That may be true, but under de Blasio, everybodys share keeps getting larger because the pie keeps growing. The shelter populations at a record high: 60,000 and counting.

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