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The central plot of Land of the Lost focused on Sara and Jax entering Rips mind in order to fix his brainwashing. Inside his mind, though, they came across evil versions of themselves as well as Mick and Ray. After being knocked out, Sara was taken to a cell where she found the real Rip. However, he was terrified by his captors so didnt realize his own strength in his own mind. Jax, meanwhile, came across a human version of Gideon. Together, they were eventually able to revive Rips memories and get him out of his head (but not before he shared a kiss with Gideon and Im not even going to try wrapping my head around that). Meanwhile, with the ship damaged and stranded millions of years in the past where Ray was time scattered to for six months, in fact Ray, Amaya and Nate headed out to find the missing piece of the ship. And while Ray took care of the survival part, Nate and Amaya got their flirt on. Ray, however, isnt as clueless as he sometimes seems and he told Nate that he couldnt date Amaya; she has to return to her home country eventually in order for the present day Vixen, Mari McCabe, to exist.

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DIEGO BERNAL The state's biggest problem with the district appears to be its alleged food safety violations in the school cafeteria. A district teacher, who wishes to remain anonymous, said the school had been serving weeks-old ground beef that had been sitting in an dangerously warm refrigerator over the school's winter break. "There were puddles of meat blood on the floor when they got back to school," said Rep. Diego Bernal, who also says he's good friends with this teacher. Bernal says he wouldn't have known how bad the conditions were at SASIC and then demand state intervention without his friend bringing it to his attention in an early February meeting. And it wasn't just spoiled meat. The teacher left Bernal with a long list of concerns everything from administrators hiring family members to campus safety officers "roughhousing" kids. Bernal believes he was the last resort for his friend, who had hit a wall trying to bring his and other teachers' complaints to SASIC administration for months. "It had become too much, and gone on far too long," Bernal said. "He knew his job was on the line but cared more about his student's well-being at this point." Hours after this February 10 meeting, Bernal penned a letter to TEA Commissioner Mike Morath demanding an investigation. Since parents were given no warning of the school's closure, Bernal's office is now conducting what he calls "education triage" trying to help relocate the hundreds of untethered students as fast as possible.

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