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Unlike Amaya, I have so many questions about this. But while Ray is enthusiastically revisiting his time in this period, Nate and Amaya are once again picking the worst time to rekindle their romantic potential. (Really though, what is it about inappropriate historical time periods that really gets these kids going?) Before they can do anything in Rays old camp structure, Ray manages to interrupt them. Later, when Amaya is away, Ray takes the opportunity to tell Nate that hooking up with her would be a terrible idea. He points out that Amaya actually matters to the timeline and that their hook-up could threaten Maris existence and Amayas familys destiny, as she has to return and have a daughter. The next morning, the trio find the missing delineator only its in the middle of a T-rex nest. Even though Ray does manage to get it, they are still beset by an angry Gertie. But while it seems like Nate is about to get all metallic on her ginormous dino butt, its actually Amaya who steps forward, uses her amulet, and makes my dreams come true by talking to the dinosaur. After their little woman to woman chat, Gertie goes off, and Im left grinning like a fool. Back on the ship, Ray puts the delineator back in while Amaya and Nate continue to flirt.

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flirt date in Phoenix

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flirt date in Phoenix